25 de November de 2021

5 steps for a successful Localization project

Many companies make the mistake of entering into foreign markets without first planning a localization strategy. Check out 5 essential steps to planning a successful localization project.
29 de October de 2021

6 Attributes you should consider while selecting a Language Service Provider

Localization is key for companies expanding to new markets worldwide, but choosing the right vendor to localize your brand and products can be challenging. Fear not […]
30 de September de 2021

4 tips to help you start a career in translation

A good translation professional should be more than proficient in their working languages. The professional needs to constantly seek new knowledge and delve into the latest trends and technologies available. But where do I start? To help you on that journey, we have prepared some tips to get you started on your translation career.
26 de August de 2021

Welcome to Satsuma’s Blog!

After exploring social media in 2020, we have decided to venture into new media to deepen our content. Welcome to Satsuma’s blog! In this channel, we […]