Solutions built from inside out

In a case study using localization — the main service offered by Satsuma —, four pillars of support are conceivably required: qualified associates; sound, time-tested processes based on 20 years of experience; appropriate tools; and effective and timely communication between all parties involved.

Case: IT/software sector client

A Fortune 500 technology company in the United States, located in San Jose, California, outsources the localization of one of its products to a multilingual vendor. However, our client was not satisfied with the quality of translations of the MLV, and hired us to revise these materials before publication.

At first, we were faced with serious deficiencies in decoding the original text, which demonstrated a misconception of the product. The situation was even more disturbing because the final text was going to be published on the product's website. We also noted that the tone of voice and style of the translated text were unsuitable for the intended purpose.

On identifying the problems, we plotted a strategy. Our first step was to structure the feedback process. In the beginning, the revision was made directly in PDF files. This procedure did not allow for an overview of the problems nor provided metrics of supplier performance. To solve the problem, we implemented our LQA tool. In addition to identifying the problems, we began quantifying and qualifying them. All the stakeholders were included in communication on the LQA report, which increased their visibility.

The translation company soon realized the extent of their underperformance. In a meeting held with the MLV, we established a performance improvement plan, which included the change of location where services were performed, and the creation of a team dedicated to the client at the MLV branch office in Brazil.

The translation, previously performed by a subcontractor without supervision from the Brazilian branch office of the MLV, began to be totally performed, including project management and revision, in Brazil. In about three months after adopting the strategy, translation quality improved noticeably and the revision time cycle was reduced by approximately 20%, generating client savings. Today, our client is satisfied and their supplier has maintained a high visibility account.