Native communication for global companies

The fundamental principles at Satsuma are confidentiality, agility and flexibility. We follow industry’s best practices and employ linguistic solutions tailored to the client’s needs. We work with global companies that aim to expand their presence in Latin America by localizing and translating their products and contents in different areas. We specialize in the following industries.


Translation is a powerful tool for strengthening e-commerce companies’ global presence. Our fast, flexible and target-oriented solutions help companies offer the best shopping experience to customers in the Latin American market.

E-learning & Education

E-learning is ever more present in the contemporary digital world. A variety of online courses from education institutions all over the world is accessible to a globalized audience thanks to translation. From webinar subtitling to textbook translation, we provide linguistic solutions for offline and online education.

Technology & IT

Leverage our extensive experience in this industry to shorten distances and connect people. Overcome linguistic and cultural barriers with Satsuma. Count on our proven and adaptable processes to establish your global presence and communicate effectively in new markets through localized user interface, manuals, training videos, technical articles, and digital content.

Business, Finance & Fintech

Security, privacy, and expertise are requirements for our customers in this sector. Trust our scalable financial translation services to translate numbers into success.

Insurance & Insurtech

We are experts in insurance translation in Brazil. Since 2010, we have translated over 10 million words for a large insurance technology company. We were asked to translate all of their user interface, documentation, website, and marketing collateral for the Brazilian market, including a project to translate 2 million words in just 3 months. Talk to us if you need expert, reliable, and secure translations for the insurance market.

Travel & Hospitality

Travelers today expect highly customized experiences with your brand in the language they chose. Provide memorable experiences to your customers delivering content in their local language that does not read as a translation. From travel guides to hotel ads, we translate millions of words annually for one of the world’s biggest online travel agencies. Count on us for flexibility and agility with local flavor.

Marketing Communications

With our audience-focused approach, we translate from advertising campaigns and newsletters to press releases and website content, enabling our customers to communicate effectively in their target markets.

Life Sciences & Healthtech

In a highly regulated industry, compliance, trust, and technical knowledge build the lifeline you depend on to establish clear and effective communications with patients and professionals alike.


Brazil has a unique energy matrix. Oil & gas still represent approximately 50% of consumption, but the share of renewable energy sources has increased in the last few decades. If in the 1970s Brazil was a crude oil importer, today we have become an exporter of the commodity. Brazil has also become a reference in pre-salt exploration expertise. Talk to us to learn how we can help you in this thriving sector.