About us


We are commited to excellence

Established in 2003, Satsuma has gained vast experience with major technology companies, including some of the greatest names in Silicon Valley. Our team, fully staffed by women, relies on translation professionals specialized in software localization, counting nearly 20 years of proven experience in the sector.

We know our company and our customers thrive in a more plural and diverse environment. That is why we engage in initiatives like PyLadies — an international community focused on fostering women's roles in the technological area —, as well as incentivize other professional translator training activities and the sharing of knowledge between strategic partners, such as the ABRATES Conference — the largest translation event in Brazil. We also seek to train professionals by giving opportunities to recently graduated talents, to grow along with them.

Our work, thus, combines the expertise of our team and attention to our clients’ needs with the commitment to diversity and constant learning. We believe the combination of these parts makes us a better company for our employees, our business partners and society. Our brand, inspired by the mandarin ("satsuma" in Japanese), and its characteristic segments, reflects this combination.

Meet our team

Ana Vivacqua
Founder and CEO. A degree in Translation at PUC-Rio led to internships and employment at several translation companies in Brazil and the USA. Experience includes working seven years at a Silicon Valley company, where she began as a translator working her way up to production manager. She also holds an MBA at Ibmec Business School in Rio.

Marina Fontenelle
Translation Coordinator. As a Bachelor degree in Translation from PUC-Rio, she began her career as a translator at a local translation agency. She joined Satsuma in 2020 and is responsible for one of our largest customers.

Flavia Kingsbury
Translation coordinator. As a graduate in English and Literature at UERJ, she joined Satsuma in 2011 as a translation trainee. On graduation, she became fully employed and is our lead for IT clients today.

Luiza Brando
Translator and reviser, hired in 2015, right after earning a degree in Translation at PUC-Rio, where she is also a postgraduate in Translation Techniques, Practices and Studies and Teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language. Today, she is our reviser and leads quality control.

Luiza Ferreira
Translator. As a graduate in Journalism at UFF and post-graduate in Translation Techniques, Practices and Studies in Rio, she has been at Satsuma since 2018.

Patricia Veiga
Translator. As a graduate in History at UFF, she is a post-graduate student in Audiovisual Translation at Estácio de Sá. Has been at Satsuma since 2019.


Satsuma considers the exchange of information and ideas made possible by industry events and business associations as a driving force that can help companies disseminate knowledge, improve practices, and develop talents, enabling the industry to flourish. We are committed to the translation and localization industry and participate in major events and conferences.