Complete linguistic solutions

Satsuma offers a wide variety of services for the technology and software localization sectors. To ensure our clients’ expectations are met, we not only offer technological solutions, but monitor their performance to identify needs for adjustments and corrections. Read on to learn more about the services we offer.

Software localization

Localization involves adapting all the components of a product to make the translated version linguistically and culturally suitable to the market (region or location) where it will be used and sold. To meet each client's specific needs, Satsuma also allocates a project manager and an engineer, in addition to a team of specialized translators. We offer other services, such as DTP, LQA, tests, SME reviews and the generation of local content to form a complete solution.

Website localization

The process of localizing websites entails adapting a website to the culture and local language of a target market. This adaptation concerns local preferences regarding website content, images, design and other requirements, while preserving original functional website integrity. Our team of project managers, engineers and linguists provide client advice on the best localization practices for Brazil, using the most appropriate tools for each case.

Marketing translation

With extensive experience ranging from the translation of simpler documents, like press releases, website components, to even advertising and SEO/SEM, Satsuma can provide more effective client communication to drive engagement in distinct channels of communication, such as websites, press releases, marketing campaigns and e-mails, among others.

Technical/document translation

Satsuma also offers technical and document translation, which includes: original text analysis to assess potential issues; glossary generation and translation; style guide preparation; file format conversion for translation; DTP/layout of documents and images; SME review; terminology management; and Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA).

Multimedia localization

Satsuma also provides translations for subtitling, employing the most sophisticated tools and, when needed, using dubbing artists and recording studios.

Content creation

Satsuma tailors content creation to our clients’ needs, including SEO/SEM and keyword research, research and insertion of images relevant to created content.

Machine Translation Post-Editing

Since 2008, Satsuma has tested, assessed, applied and edited Machine Translation Post-Editing content and engines for diverse clients, from MLVs to global corporations. This experience afforded us the ability to train and guide editors to be efficient, without losing sight of quality. We can recommend the best solution for your case, or we can work with your preferred solution.