Linguistic Solutions

28 de April de 2022

Inside Satsuma: an interview with CEO Ana Vivacqua

In April 2022, we celebrate Satsuma’s 19th anniversary. We are very proud of our journey so far. In honor of this event, we decided to recall […]
31 de March de 2022

How should clients manage queries from the translation team?

If your company has just hired translation services from an LSP like Satsuma, you should have already assigned an internal team to communicate with the translation […]
3 de March de 2022

5 aspects to consider when reviewing translations

Reviewing a translation consists of reading a translated text and adjusting it to your client’s objectives. The review work, however, considers several aspects which are not […]
4 de February de 2022

What is Machine Translation Post-Editing?

In 2016, one of the largest translation companies in the world announced it had been able to translate 20 times more content with Machine Translations than […]
29 de October de 2021

6 Attributes you should consider while selecting a Language Service Provider

Localization is key for companies expanding to new markets worldwide, but choosing the right vendor to localize your brand and products can be challenging. Fear not […]